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SnipeStreet is a FREE service that places a bid for you just before an eBay auction ends (commonly known as auction sniping).

  • Completely web-based. No software installation needed on your computer.
  • No need to leave your computer on. Snipes are performed by our servers.
  • Let SnipeStreet bid for you while you are away from the computer.
  • 100% Free and uncrippled. There is no "premium" or paid service. Other "free" sites limit you to 10 or fewer snipes at a time.
  • Reliable service: We don't oversubscribe our service. Our servers have redundant Internet connectivity and power. Our software is kept simple to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We continually monitor the success rate of our snipes and tune our service to provide reliable bidding.

Other sniping services charge you a monthly or per-item fee. Or they give you only a measly amount of free bids per week. At SnipeStreet it's all FREE and unlimited!

Why SnipeStreet is the best place to snipe:

  • Redundant sniping on our mirror servers is free. Redundant sniping is more reliable than single-server sniping. Others require you to pay for "premium" service to get redundant sniping. Here, it's included free.
  • If you want to enter 100 snipes right now, go for it. Others limit you to 10 or less scheduled snipes at a time. We don't limit the number of snipes you have in the system.
  • If you snipe a lot of items, we make it easy with our Greasemonkey script called SnipeStreet Express. It allows you to enter snipes directly from the eBay item page. Just enter your bid amount, wait for the confirmation from SnipeStreet, and then keep on shopping!

CLICK HERE TO JOIN SnipeStreet and start sniping today!


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Read site news (last: 2012/12/13)


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