Add a Quick-Entry SnipeStreet Form to eBay Pages with this Greasemonkey script for Firefox



There's a really nice Chrome extension that makes entering your snipes easy. It adds a "Snipe" button to the item's page on eBay. Great job by one of our users! It also displays your snipe amount and let's you edit (and undo) your snipe from the eBay item page. Brilliant.
Here's a screenshot.


Updated versions of the script: See this forum thread.

The info below is out-dated.

We here at SnipeStreet are pleased to offer a Greasemonkey script that will make entering your snipes a lot easier. We call it SnipeStreet Express.

Tips on using the quick-entry form:

For those new to Greasemonkey, we plan to publish a tutorial video on how to install and use the SnipeStreet Express script. Please stay tuned for that, and let us know what you think on our forum.

Special thanks to 'escargot' for creating the first Greasemonkey script for SnipeStreet.

Thanks and Happy Sniping!